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‘Career’ is one of the most sought after words which drives our life largely in today’s age. Since our childhood whatever we & our parents plan for us and whatever we do, are by and large related to our future success in life. And a major contributor in our success wheel is our career, which we all know.

However, the million dollar question is: what is a career? Is it synonymous to getting a good job? Is there any standardized and generalized definition for it? Or is it flexible based on our Dream, Passion, Choice and Preference?

Yes, it is true that ‘Career’ is an individualistic concept; the meaning of a successful career varies from person to person. However, it is also very unfortunate that majority of us limit our perception about a successful career to the extent of getting into a stable job with consistent earning capability. Our journey via this route may not always agree with our passion. In fact, in most of the cases it does not. In such scenario, as the time moves on, sooner or later, we start realizing that we had stepped into a zone, which is not so apt for us. That’s how our dissatisfaction starts and soon gets converted into frustration. Often, uncertainty and exigency at our World @ Work pose us to think on it.

The ray of hope for us is it could be prevented as well as rectified with informed decision making, strategic planning and meticulous execution. And, this can happen irrespective of the age n stage of life. The journey may not be a cake walk, but reaching the destination is very much possible irrespective of our starting age n stage of life.

The ‘Success Sutra’ in our journey towards a happy and fulfilling career lies in finding out the answers through some self-reflecting questions. As for instance – What is a Successful Career according to me? Is it just a job capable of earning money persistently or is it more than that? Is it about nurturing our passion? If yes, then why and how? How to overcome the roadblocks? How to align our career with the present and future market trend?

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